There is a player whose injury of Matt Dougherty has come as an opportunity. It is Emerson Royale of Tottenham Hotspur.

There is a player whose injury of Matt Dougherty has come as an opportunity. It is Emerson Royale of Tottenham Hotspur.

Britain’s Football Insider said on the 15th, “Alan Hutton claimed that Emerson had a tremendous opportunity to save his career at Tottenham after Doherty’s injury.”.

Emerson wore a Barcelona uniform last summer. He made his Barcelona debut as a substitute in the opening match of La Liga, and also had a chance to start in the third round. However, he moved to Tottenham a month after the transfer. At that time, Tottenham was in urgent need of recruiting the right fullback as Serge Orier left the team and brought him to Barcelona with 26 million pounds (about 42 billion won).

He took over the starting position right after the transfer. Emerson has played full-time in every game, playing the role of full-back to the right under coach Espirito Santo. Even after the appointment of head coach Antonio Conte, he did not give up the starting spot as a right wingback.

But the flow has changed recently. Emerson’s frequent mistakes and disappointing attack continued 먹튀검증사이트 to be pointed out, and Conte eventually gave Doherty a chance. Doherty did not miss the opportunity to play. In a match against Leeds in February, he scored his first goal and one assist of the season, and in the match against Everton, he helped Kane score multiple goals with two assists.

There is a clear difference just by comparing the statistics. Emerson, who had a chance from the beginning of the season, played 24 English Premier League (EPL) matches, but only scored one goal and one assist. On the other hand, Doherty, who recently got a chance to start, has played in 15 games and scored two goals and four assists.

Both players have been in fierce competition recently, but sad news has been reported. Conte, who attended a preliminary press conference ahead of the EPL’s 33rd round match against Brighton at 8:30 p.m. on the 16th, said, “Doherty will take seven to eight weeks to recover from his injury. That’s why his season is over.”.

In the end, Conte is likely to use Emerson in the right fullback position. Jaffet Tangganga, who can play in the right fullback position, is also out of power due to injury, and Ryan Sessegnon has recently returned from injury, but it is expected to take time to create a physical condition to play.

Hutton argued that this should be taken as an opportunity. In an interview with Football Insider, he praised, “This is a tremendous opportunity for Emerson. I watched him quite a lot. I saw his video before he moved to Tottenham, and he moved forward, put the ball in the box and made things.”.

“I think he’s in a much harder league. There’s still a question mark on the defensive problem. Now he has to go to prove a lot of people wrong,” he added.

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